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When you visit this place of beauty, you would be expecting so lot from the place and as well as from Cox Cargill. These are the series of package details you will be getting when you visit Cox Cargill.


Vattavada. This place is pure heaven on earth with all around view of beautiful farming and plantations. 90% of the people here relay on farming and vegetation which makes this place one of it's kind on Kerala. Vegetation includes carrots, strawberry, garlic, beans, cabbage, passion fruits, plums, pear and various other fruits and vegetables. The most exciting this is, the farmers here doesn't use any modern tools and equipment. They completely depends on traditional farming which they believe can produce more yield for their crops. This simply made the village known as 'vegetable village of Kerala'. This covers the snippet of Vattavada.

Cox Cargill is situated 1.7 kilometers away from the main town of Vattavada called Koviloor. By just walk, you can cover this distance with 30-40 minutes through wilderness of forest and fresh air. Our off-road path cover 5 kilometers from town 1.5 kilometers by road and 3.5 kilometers through off-road. This off-road path is through Kodaikanal boundary lane road with hard rocks, streams and small waterfalls. Side covered with grandis and multi-tree forest, the off-road jeep trekking through this path makes the scene more exciting and memorable. This takes around 20-30 minutes to reach Cox Cargill campsite which is situated on our private hill.

When you reach, you are on 6000 ft MSL with stunning view of Vattavada on one side and Kodaikanal mountains on another side. Yes, our campsite offers with 360 view of the total landscape. You will be provided with tea/coffee. Chai on mountain is a whole another feel. Freshening up and occupying tents in between. Chillness, visiting local farm of carrots and cabbages, photography session covers up the evening. Chit chats around campfire is what we all earn for. Spending your memorable day under star blanket around a campfire, what else you can look for. Dinner will be of veg/non vegetarian* of your choice and an option for you to grill a chicken*. After the dinner, you can continue your activity or can lay back on your tent to skip freezing cold climate.

Waking up on top of mountain with chipping of birds. Just by unzipping your tent, you can enjoy the whole morning view of Vattavada. After your morning tea, valley-sunrise trek will begin. this trek covers around 2 hours of raw walk through wild grandis forest in luck to spot wild animals. Valley-sunrise can be seen from a beautiful top view mountain. This trek even cover up pear, passion fruit, plums and apple farms during return. After returning, freshening up breakfast covers up the morning break and we will help you to reach back safer to your vehicle or to the town.

Detailed package brochure is available for you to download


Here are some of photos of Cox Cargill Vattavada campsite for your reference.

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